Common Things Innovated By Genius People That Helped Us Very Well

Common Things Innovated By Genius People

For most of us, all we do in life are getting easier thanks to many things that have been innovated by some genius people. The genius people make our lives easier today because of their dedication to creating a lot of tools which help us finish our jobs. Today, I want to share with you some of the common things innovated by genius people from all around the world.

For the extraordinary minded people, they can create something out of everything around them. They made something with the purpose of make their activities much easier than ever. To see what are those things that make our lives easier, see them all below.

Four Common Things Innovated By Geniuses

1. Dishwasher


In 1886, a woman named Josephine Garis Cochran imagine that there’s something that can wash dishes faster than her servants can do. And then, driven by her curiosity to make something that washes all the dirty dishes fast and without breaking them, she invented the first dishwasher. She invented the machine that can wash plates all automatically.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Your house filled with dusty dirt and lots of spider net? Well, you’re lucky because we live in the age where the vacuum cleaner is already invented. Back then, people see vacuum cleaner as an extraordinary thing that can ease our daily job. For this, we must thank you to Daniel Hess of the West Union, Iowa in 1860. The vacuum that Daniel invented is constructed from a hand-pumped device that rotates and sick all dust near it. As the modern era arise, we see many types of vac cleaner and there’s even a robot vacuum cleaner which works automatically looking for the dust to suck.

3. Calculator


I honestly really don’t like math, and the invention of calculator really helps me in calculating my problem. The first compact calculator is abacus that was invented in China back in the ninth century. Throughout the decades and centuries, we have seen that calculator is evolving and can do the more complicated calculation. For that, we all must thank all the people that developed this little amazing machinery that helps us to tackle the hardest mathematical problem.

4. Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Before there was a smartphone in our lives, there’s just a mobile phone, a telephone which you can carry all around. On April 3, 1973, a Researcher and Executive from Motoring companies named Martin Cooper, made the first mobile phone ever. The first handheld phone was weight about 1.1kg and 23 cm long. The phone was the first prototype and it has only 30 minutes talk time but it will take 10 hours to recharge it. Although it seems like it’s a giant piece of useless garbage, without it, there will never be a smartphone as we see today.

Well, those are four of the common things invented by genius people. I believe that the reason why they invented such revolutionary things is that they want to make life easier. We’re living in a harsh world, but not all the thing must come hard. If we want to open our mind, everything can become real.


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