Common Mistakes In Fishkeeping Hobby That Beginners Must Avoid

Aquarium Mistakes

Fish keeping hobby may sound easy for people who haven’t really know about it. But, the reality is far from that. There are certain things that must be kept in mind before doing this much of the hobby. For the people who are new to this kind of hobby, mistakes do happens and it’s a lesson learned. I can’t say that I’m an expert in this aquarium fish hobby, but I’ve been going through some experience that makes me become better in this hobby. If you don’t wanna make so many mistakes in this hobby, learn more about the five common mistakes in fishkeeping hobby.

When I started this hobby, a few years ago, I made a lot of mistakes. No need to feeling down for the mistakes that you have done and the fish that died in your care, you’re new and need much to learn. So, today, see all the list below for the mistakes that you can learn and try to avoid in the future as aquarium hobbyist.

Five Common Mistakes In Fishkeeping Hobby

Aquarium Mistakes

1. Don’t Use Filter


The first time I had my pet fish in a small aquarium I decided not to use a filter. The reason for this because back then I thought using a filter is a waste of money and it’s messy to setup and maintains. But that decision is backfired and the result is that my fish is very vulnerable to death. After I read some information regarding fishkeeping tips, I learned that filter is something very important in this hobby because it’s the thing that controls and maintain the water quality in your tank.

2. Overstocking Fishes

Adding plenty of fishes are certainly the most thing to do for beginners in this hobby. Turns out, it’s something that will have bad consequences in the future. Overstocking fish in your tank will have bad results because fishes need some space to swim around, and when you adding just too much, the fishes don’t have enough space to live on. This kind of problem will lead to conflict among fishes. They will fight each other for territory and there will so much death in your aquarium.

3. Overfeeding Fish

Fish is an opportunist, they will eat anything if available in your tank. Giving them too much fish food will be resulting in overfeeding, and that is something you must avoid. Too much-giving food will make your fish produce tons of waste in the tank. And if there are lots of wastes inside, the level of ammonia will increase. If you got too much of ammonia in your water tank, it can poison the fishes and kill them eventually.

4. Too Lazy For Water Changes

Fish keeping hobby is not intended for lazy people. If you’re getting into this hobby, you will have to make yourself wet. And by we I mean you must be willing to routinely change the water in your tank. A long time ago I thought that changing water is not really necessary but then I saw one of my fish died probably because the water quality is no longer suitable for fish to live in. That’s why water changes are a must. You need to change water approximately once per week. And change only 20-30 percent of the water inside your tank.

5. Mixing the Wrong Kind of Fishes

I know that most aquarium hobbyist wants their tank filled with plenty different variety of fish. But before you do such thing, make sure you know what fish you want and the characteristics of the fish. Adding random fishes to your tank maybe results in a catastrophic. You will never know that the fish you bought from the pet store is aggressive or not until they are fighting in the tank and leave so much dead inside.


So, those are five of the common mistakes in fishkeeping hobby among the newcomers. I don’t belittle the beginners of this hobby, but I just want to share my experience of failure in this hobby so that you won’t make the same mistakes like I did. The most important is always keep reading for some tips regarding this fish hobby.


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