Choosing The Best Smartphone, Fall For The Features or The Hype?

Choosing The Best Smartphone

When it comes to choosing the best smartphone, everybody must have their own preferences. And like me that I have my own way of seeing the best smartphone. Well, first of all, before we would like to consider changing our smartphone into a new one, we better take a look at the budget. Don’t push yourself too far hoping to buy an AAA smartphone such as iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with a low budget. Expect yourself to get a middle-end smartphone if you have a low budget.

But if you have a decent budget, let’s just say 400-500$ you can still get a good smartphone.  The problem now is that you need to choose a mobile phone by features you like. For example, if you are a mobile gamer, then you will need a smartphone with a great GPU, CPU, and don’t forget about the resolution screen. If you are a selfie maniac, look for a phone that offers the great camera. Or maybe if you just want a fast processor for multitasking, you could grab a smartphone with a great CPU power and big RAM capacity.

When we are about to change our smartphone into a new one, we know that there would be things to consider before buying a smartphone. But, what is the most important is that we choose the mobile phone by the features. Don’t be fooled by the hype of the crowd as it can trap you. Do your own research about the phone you wish to purchase and compare it with other smartphone and see which is better and which is not.

Choosing The Best Smartphone | Conclusion

choose mobile phone by features

So, before you go out there and purchase a new smartphone, you need to hold yourself. Do some research first and compare your wished smartphone with others that might have a better specs and cheaper price. Don’t fall into the hype because probably a lot of people can’t see the real truth about which smartphone is the best. After you do some research, you need to ask yourself that what kind of smartphone you really wanted. Is it a gaming smartphone, selfie phone, or just a fast multitasking smartphone. After you have done all that, then you can consider purchasing a smartphone for yourself.

Everyone in this world knows that we will always need a smartphone as our companion in the ways of life. If you bought a smartphone last year it probably has been obsolete on these days. And so, choosing a smartphone is a crucial thing nowadays, because we want the phone that we bought could hold for another 10 years right? But the fact is different. With the technology that always spinning, the needs of newer and better smartphone are always inevitable. The question is, do we have to keep following with the smartphone technologies? The answer to the question is simple, just ask your wallet and see if its agree with you, lol. Well, that is my opinion, though, if you have different ones from me, I respect that because we all have our own preferences.


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