Cafeland Game Review | The Best Game About Running a Good Cafe

Cafeland Game Review

Cooking is an activity that is very fun to do. Not only you can create a dishes, but you can have the enjoyment eating your food. Well, to be honest, not everyone can cook and even though you can’t cook, you can express your cooking desire by playing Cafeland. It’s a game where you can become the cook and run your own cafe. For you who haven’t know what game is this, you’re lucky, because I’m about to show you everything in this Cafeland game review. I can give you the reasons why this game is worth to play to kill your boring time. So, let’s get to it below then.

Cafeland Game Review

Cafeland gameplay

What Is It?

Cafeland: World Kitchen is a cooking game developed by Gamegos. It’s a game where you can learn everything about running a cafe. Imagine yourself as the owner of the cafe, you will have to expand your food business to success. In order to achieve the success, there are lots of things to do. You need to keep making new dishes, enlarge your business so it can hold many customers, and you must decor your place so it doesn’t bore your customers.

What Can You Do In The Game?

In Cafeland, in the order you want customers to come, you have to make dishes on your stove. You can create lots of types of dishes like spaghetti, burgers, pizza, bacon, and even cakes. Each food needs times to be cooked. The more varied your food, the happier your customers will be. You do not only have to offered dishes, but you must also provide your cafe with stuff like coffee machine, vending machine, arcade games, and more to make your customers interested in your cafe.

You also must enlarge your cafe because, at the beginning, you will start with small space and so you must keep upgrading it. To do all such thing, you need Cash to buy all the stuff you needed. If you want a fast way to earn the Cash, I advise you to use Cafeland hack, because it’s so easy when you already use it.

Best Thing About This Game

When talking about what makes this game great, one clear thing is that it’s free. The game is free so you can have real fun without having to pay a single cent. And another thing is that this game allows you to be creative and think fast. Be creative means that you have to decorate your cafe so it looks gorgeous to be seen by customers or other players. And you also need to think fast because there will be plenty of customers so you have to act fast.

Things That Can Be Improved

Well, nothing is perfect and for that, there are lots of things that can be improved for this game.

1. Make Cash Easy To Get

The problem with this game is getting Cash is quite hard and rare. You can only get some when you finished missions or leveling up. If the game can make the Cash easier to get, it will help lots of players.

2. Quicker Cooking Time

Sometimes this game is totally absurd. For example, cooking a simple dish could take almost an hour. If the developer can make an improvement, they need to make the cooking time shorter.


Well, if you’re asking me is this game worth to play, then I’ll say that it’s really worth it. Why? It’s because you can do a lot of things to make a personal touch to your own cafe. It’s a great game for children so they can improve their imaginative thinking.


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