Bulletstorm Game Review | The Shooter Game That Turns Out To Be Great

Bulletstorm Game Review

Not every best game come with a triple A graphics. Sometimes, a great game just comes with great gameplay and funny characters. And that is what Bulletstorm offer you. A simple gritty, funny gore action shooting game. Yes, my friends, this is the Bulletstorm Game review, where I will show everything that makes this game really deserve a try for those who seek a funny and full of action shooting game.

Before we going further, you should know that this game is published by EA, the publisher notorious for some of their disappointing games. But what they did in this game is the opposite of all negative thoughts of EA. Let’s find out all the great and the bad about this game.

Bulletstorm Game Review | The Good and The Bad

The Good

The Good


One thing that makes this game a great game is a gameplay for sure. Bulletstorm offers you an experience of FPS shooting game, unlike any other games you have seen before. Imagine an action shooting like COD but here you can kick and grab your enemy with the famous “The Leash”. The actions that this game offer is so awesomely brutal but so hilarious at the same moment. You can kick your enemies to certain surfaces and they will have a hilarious death like pierced through a big cactus, blended into a giant fan, or electrified to crisp.

Skillshot System

This is a new unique gameplay system. In this game, every kill you do will be rewarded with skillshot points. And the points will be used to buy new weapons, buy the ammo, and upgrade them to the max. Each time you do some new tricks to kill your enemies, the game will reward you with a lot of points. So, the better you kill the enemies the more Points you earn.

The Voice Acting

I tried the game for an hour but I always keep laughing whenever the characters say something funny. The voice acting in Bulletstorm may be not the best, but it is very satisfying in terms of funny. The use of F word in this game is so frequent, that is why this game probably should not be played by minors.

The Bad

The Bad

The Graphics

Well, Bulletstorm maybe doesn’t have the best graphics in the history of shooter games, but it still has decent visuals. Since this game doesn’t offer a great graphics, then this game can be played on low spec PC. If you play this game just for the graphics you will be disappointed.

The Story

This game doesn’t really offer you a great story plot. It’s just a regular story about revenge of a group of mercenaries. There’s isn’t any plot twist in the game or whatsoever. The lack of back story of each character also doesn’t explain very well in the game.

The Price

Well, with all features that this game offered, would you pay it 50 bucks? If it was me, I will wait for it on sale via Steam. It really doesn’t worth the full price because it’s so expensive. There are lots newer and better games out there which you can buy with the same price.


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