Block Strike Survival Tips || How to Stay Survive in this Cruel World!

block strike survival tips

Block Strike is really similar to Minecraft series. Probably the retro graphics and the same gameplay is the reason behind it. There are many modes you can play in this game. We are sure it is really exciting to play all mode but it is not true. The objective still the same, you need to kill all enemies. But you can still enjoy this game even though it is kinda repetitive. The gameplay will make you addicted for sure. To make it more perfect, you can use Block Strike survival tips.

Aim for the Head

Always aim the head of your opponents. Even though you use a gun or blade, do not forget this dirty trick. If you manage to do it, your opponent will die instantly. At first, it is really hard to do. You need to keep training in order to unleash this secret technique. Sometimes, there are some enemy which wear a mask on them. Here, you need to hit it twice in order to crush the mask.

Learn All the Basics

It is important to learn all the basics in this game. Learn how to change weapon in mid-battle. If one of your weapons do not affect the opponent, you can change it into the one which can crush your enemy completely. The use of an item is really important to keep you safe from harm. Remember to hide first before using it, the tutorial also mentions it. Keep learning is the key to this game.

block srike gameplay

Do not Shoot Randomly

Remember, you cannot refill your Ammo when the stage begins. You need to shoot in the right timing. If the enemy keeps avoiding your bullet repeatedly, do not shoot at them. Find a perfect shooting place to shoot them with one bullet. If you keep shooting, it means you tell the enemy your current position and they will hunt you back.

Concentrate on One Enemy

Focus defeat your enemy, do not get distracted by another one which appears near you. Of course, you do not want both of them chase over you, it will become a problem later on. Focus on one enemy is the best strategy in this game. Unless you can create a good chance and good strategy, do not face all your enemy.


Indeed this game is really hard at first. When the first time we tried it, we cannot count how many we lost the battle. But we keep trying and find this survival tips. Before we end the article for today, we will give you an awesome gift. We accidentally found a good website on the internet to obtain free currency. For more information, you can the website to use Block Survival hack.


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