The Best Upcoming Movies in 2018 || Watch it On your Nearest Cinema!

upcoming movies in 2018

In the end of 2017, we saw many great movies. How about in 2018? Can you find the same excitement like the last year? You can see the answer below. We provide you the best upcoming movies in 2018. Cure your curiosity right away.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

jurassic world fallen kingdom

After we saw the ridiculous dinosaur fusion in the previous Jurassic world movie, you can watch the sequel entitled Fallen Kingdom. Unfortunately, we do not know yet the story of the movie. If the previous use the theme park, probably this one use a Kingdom as a setting.

Insidious the Last Key

insidious the last key

In this fourth chapter, we will see Elise Rainer once again. This time she comes back to her hometown to investigate the supernatural activity in it. Surprisingly, the target place is an old house once she lived before. From the promotional poster, we can see a hand with key fingers. We can say for sure the design of the ghost really weird.

Avenger Infinity Wars

avengers infinity war

Probably, this is the movie which everyone waiting for in 2018. There are two parts of this movie and the second will launch in 2020 or more. We can see many amazing fights in this move from all superheroes. Also, Guardian Galaxy joins the avenger group. What kind of story will this movie envelope? See it in May 2018.

Deadpool 2

deadpool 2

The next one on the list is Deadpool 2. The comedic action superhero from Marvel. The previous movie really captive everyone heart. Hopefully, the second one can do the same. As for the storyline, we do not know yet. Will it follow the comic version or create the original one? Just it for yourself in the Cinema!

The Incredibles 2

the incredibles 2

The old movie rise once again. The superpower family from Disney appear on the cinema. We thought this one does not have any sequel because it is already been a long time since the first movie released. For you who forget about this, you need to watch the first movie to understand better the second one. We are sure you already forget why the family gets the superpower. So, what kind of the enemy awaits in this new movie? Or the old enemy will rise again?


That is the best 2018 movies. Of course, there are still many more. We recommend you watch the movies above. You will not regret it for sure. If you have a question, do not hesitate to leave a message in the comment section.


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