Anomaly Warzone Earth Game Review | The Tower-Offense Game You Probably Never Heard Of

Anomaly Warzone Earth Game Review

Are you fed up with the generic tower defense games where you just withstanding attack from waves of enemies? Well, what if the circumstances are changed? What if there’s a game where you play as the attackers that attack the defensive towers? There’s just one game that totally will make your dream come true and that is Anomaly. Anomaly is a tower-offense game developed by 11-bit Studio, the dev who released This War of Mine. For you who don’t know much about this game, I will happily show you in my Anomaly Warzone Earth game review here.

About The Game

Anomaly is a tower-offense game released for PC and mobile platforms like the Android and iOS. It’s an amazing game for you looking for alternative tower defense games. The gameplay for both platforms PC and mobile are having the same gameplay, only in a mobile phone, you just touch your screen to play.

This game has several sequels. The first one is Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, Anomaly 2, and Anomaly Defenders. But I’m here only to talk about the first title, the Warzone Earth.


When alien invading Baghdad a group of US army was sent to investigate and destroy the invasion. The aliens attack humans with all high tech weapons that can destroy mankind easily. It’s all up to the soldiers can they stopped the invasion and determine the fate of human race.


If you’re a hardcore tower defense game, then you must forget about your experience because this game is a whole different style. In a TD game, you just build towers to defend your objective, isn’t it? Well, in Anomaly Warzone Earth, you must play as the soldier who commandeers war machines to take down the alien defensive towers. You can deploy units by using the points you earned from destroying the alien towers.


Each time you play, there will different map and you must carefully strategize your attack. The wrong movement can turn everything into chaos. This game is all about strategy and you must always pay attention to what’s happening.



Anomaly Warzone Earth is a great game with pretty good graphics but still run smoothly even in low-end mobile smartphones. The game can even be zoomed in and zoomed out so you can see the detailed graphics of the actions.


The great thing about this game is because it’s an amazing alternate tower defense game. You’re now can feel what it feels like to be the attacker that attack the defense towers. Another great thing is because this game has a great story to tell.


Well, bad news for you free-game lovers, this game is a paid game. Some gamers have a problem with paid games because people don’t want to waste money. I think this is the con for some people.


With the money you spent for this game, I can guarantee you that it will worth. Why? Because the game offers you so much new experience playing tower offense game. There ain’t many games like this and Anomaly Warzone Earth really did a great job for making this alternative tower defense game. It’s 8/10 if you’re asking me.


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