All The Demon Types In Doom And How To Easily Beat Them

The Demon Types In Doom

The latest Doom game that is released in 2016 is a global hit to the gaming world. It’s a game where you can satisfy yourself if kicking demon’s ass and send them all back to hell. Or if that’s not enough for you, you will also go to Hell and kick their ass in their neighbors. This game is a true masterpiece of action gore gaming. You played as the Doomguy/Doom Slayer armed with plenty of weapons. With all the weapons you have, prepare to face many demons that will stand in your way. Today, I want to share with you all the demon types in Doom and how to beat them in an effective way.

With plenty of demons to be killed, each of them has their own characteristics that you need to know if you want to beat them effectively without wasting too much bullet. I have arranged all the demons available in the single player mode and how to beat them below.

All The Demon Types In Doom and How To Beat Them

1. The Possessed Humans

The Possessed

This is the easiest demon type that you can kill. The possessed humans are ranging from an engineer, scientist, soldiers, and the security. They are small, attack you with only a melee attack. You can easily crush them with one melee attack from your hand and then finished with the famous Glory Kill. Only two blow to their body and it will kill them.

2. Imp


This little screaming demon can be quite annoying. They will attack you with a fiery fireball from their hand from distance and will melee attack you if they are in the range. They move pretty fast, the best way to deal with them is with a weapon of fast fire rates like the machine gun or the plasma rifle. Five bullets will be enough to stagger them so you have the time to do Glory Kill upon them.

3. Cacodemons


This type of demon is shaped like a meatball only this one is flying and they will attack you with an energy ball that comes out from their mouth. Cacodemon is all head, they don’t have a body, just a big eye as their weak spot. Shoot the eye straightly with a high accuracy weapon like the machine gun or the Gauss Cannon. You can also Glory Kill them if you jump high enough to their position.

4. Hell Knights

Hell Knight

This bald headed demon is quite tough to beat. It’s a strong and fast demon, that will only melee attack you in close combat. The best way to deal with them is by using a super shotgun. Every hit with the shotgun will make stagger them for a while until the Glory Kill highlight available then you can finish them off.

5. Hell Razers

Hell Razer

This one demon will attack you like a sniper. They take a position in some distance and then line you up with a laser cannon that will make a huge damage to you. The easy way to deal with him is by always keep moving avoiding the laser beam. And when you’re close enough, you can use a super shotgun and kill them with a single fire.

6. Lost Soul

Lost Soul

This is the most annoying demon in Doom of all time. They are small, shaped only by the head with two horns and then will blow themselves if they are close to you. The explosion can cause huge damage to you. Use a machine gun rifle to deal with them from afar. They are weak, only need three bullets to take them down.

7. Barons of Hell

Barons of Hell

This one demon that you need to carefully take care of. He is big and strong enough to take down. They will attack you with an energy wave from distance and if he is close, he will melee attack you. And the attack will cause bad injury to you. The easy way to deal with them would be using the chainsaw. Make sure you have full gasoline otherwise you can’t slice Barons of hell.

8. Pinkies and Spectres


Pinky is a rhino-like demon. It will attack you like a bull with its horn. On the other hand, the Spectres is the similar demon like pinkies, but this one is transparent. You need to be extra careful when Spectre is around you or you’ll get a horn from them. The best way to deal with them is by using a chainsaw. It’s the fastest way.

9. Revenants


You can call this demon as jetpack demon or dual rocket launcher demon. Why? Because those are his weapons. This demon can fly although just a few meters and they will attack you with a barrage of the rocket. Use super shotguns or rocket launcher to deal with them.

10. Mancubus and Cyber Mancubus


Cyber Mancubus

This is a huge demon, look like a fat person actually. They are armed with a dual plasma cannon. They are big, and their belly is not the place you want to fire, it’s all vein if you shoot them in the belly. Shoot them in the head twice with Gauss Canon and Mancubus will die instantly. This same goes as the cyber Mancubus.


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