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phobia of darkness

Hello, guys and welcome back to our website. Today I want to invite you to discuss the Phobia of Darkness. Its medical health is Achluophobia. There are so many people who still fear with darkness or dark place. There are so many cases of this phobia to a child. However, there are a few cases that this one still stay until you are grown up.

Achluophobia or Phobia to darkness sometimes attacking children. There are so many reasons to the trigger of Achluophobia and here I will tell you everything about this phobia. I will also give to you how to cure this phobia too.

Phobia Of Darkness

Achluophobia or also known as Phobia of Darkness or Fear of Darkness is a disease where people become extremely afraid of darkness. There are so many things that can be the trigger of Achluophobia. I will tell you anything that can trigger this phobia.

  1. They often get punished by their parents. Sometimes they also like to lock and turn off the light and that punishment make a traumatic scar to their mental and form a phobia.
  2. Their friends often telling a story where a Demon or Satan will do something to them in dark place.
  3. They often watch a horror movie and they become afraid of dark.
  4. They have a traumatic experience with a dark place and that experience imprinted in their mind and become a phobia.

The indication for a people who get a phobia of darkness are:

  1. Afraid when the light suddenly turning off.
  2. Afraid when they need to be alone in the dark place.
  3. Afraid if they need to sleep alone with lights turning off.
  4. Increased heartbeat in the dark place.
  5. They will feel threatened and anxious when in the dark place.

How To Cure Achluophobia

Sometimes the person who gets this phobia will never talk about their phobia because they feel it’s really shameful for them. So many of this people just try to adapt with their fear or phobia because of unreasonable reason. If just they want to share their story to other people and let the others help them. They don’t need to afraid for such a long time. Now I will share you a tips about how to cure achluophobia

There are so many theraphy to cure this Achluophobia abnormality. One of the theraphy called EFT theraphy can cure this abnormality. In the theraphy process, the patient will be put in alpha or theta condition. It’s really similar to hypnotism concept, where the patient memories in alpha or theta condition will be explored by doctor. In order to find the cause of their phobia. After finding the cause of phobia they will erase the memory about that or put a suggestion where they will try to make sure there’s no harm in darkness. Our brain is wonderful, right?

Well, This is all the information about phobia of darkness. I hope this article will help you fight againts your phobia. If you find this article helpful please share this. Thank you for reading my article see you on next article.


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