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Unique Majors In University

Are you a fresh graduate from high school? Planning to have a college education in a university but you can’t decide which major should you choose? Well, since you have come to my blog, I can give you some recommendations of unique majors in university that you can pick.

Picking the right majors is very important aspects of college education. Choosing the wrong one will condemn you to an eternal suffering. For that, today I want to share with all the best majors you can think of from a university in the whole world. Let’s check it out.

Seven Unique Majors In University

1. Adventure Education


Who’s here love anything about adventure? If that is you, congratulations, there is a major which is suitable to your liking. Plymouth State University can offer you a major of Adventure in its class. What will you learn about this major? You will learn everything about the great outdoor worlds. You will be taught with great adventures and self-discovery challenging the world.

2. Comic Art

Comic Art

There are lots of people who love to read comics, but what if you can choose that as your degree? Wouldn’t it fun to you? Well, you can pick that from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. There, you will learn everything you need to know about a comic like a line coloring, character building, storytelling, and pretty much more about comic book world.

3. Popular Culture

Popular Culture

If you are a true hipster, then you should pick this as your major in college. In this major, you can learn everything about popular cultures that happened in our world. You will learn all the related things to popular cultures like how it begins and the impact to the society. You can learn this at Bowling Green State University

4. Sexuality Studies

Sexuality Studies

This major probably most liked by the men, because when it comes with a word ‘sexuality’ it always interesting for men. Here, you can learn everything related to the context of sexuality in biological, political, psychology, etc. You can learn this at Ohio State University.

5. Surfing Studies

Surfing Studies

This the most fun major of all. Here you will learn how to be a great surfer by learning the theory and the practical of course. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it? You chose this at Cornwall College (UK).

6. Logic Studies

Logic Studies

I don’t know if this is the best major to choose or the hardest, but it all depends on yourself. If you love to argue about something that you think that is right, then you need to pick this major. Here, you can learn all about the facts of logic. You can learn it at the University of Pennsylvania.

7. The Beatles

The Beatles

Since the Beatles are such a legendary music band, the Liverpool Hope University has made it a major in its college education. What will you expect in this major? Of course, you will learn everything about the Beatles and how their music giving a great impact on the pop music cultures. If you are a big fan of the Beatles, you really should choose this major for your college education.


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