7 Best Game Developers That Have Made Great Games For Years

Best Game Developers

The fact that we play the game is so exciting is so different with the fact of its development. Developers are working hard to create games that are according to the players’ desire. Although sometimes the end result of the developed game is far beyond expectations, we must admit that they are working hard to get the game done and published. Today I want to share with you some of the best game developers that are well known for their amazing work.

All the list I’ll show below could be different with your opinion, but no matter how bad or good the developers are, one of their releases is must be a good one. So, you must not judge a developer bad because of one game fails to surpass your expectations. To see all the list, see them all below.

7 Best game Developers So Far

1. Electronic Arts (EA)


I know that this one developer may have lots of haters, but we must admit that EA has released so many great games throughout the decades like Burnout, Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, and much more. Needless to say, EA is love-hate in modern gaming developer.

2. Ubisoft


This developer famous for games such as Rayman, Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, The Division, and the recently released, For Honor. I don’t know what others’ opinion about this dev, but I believe that Ubisoft deserves to get the title to be one of the best game developers ever known. Any people that claim this dev sucks probably too ignorant to admit.

3. CD-Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red

This developer is new to the game industry but their only game, The Witcher is a global hit in the gaming world. With only 600 people in 2016, this dev is praised by many gamers for its awesome game. CD Projekt next future game is titled Cyberpunk 2077, it’s still in development so let’s just wait it out when it’s released.

4. Bethesda Softworks


Started in 1986 by Christopher Weaver, this developer is a division of Media Technology Limited. This dev responsible for plenty of amazing games such as Elder Scroll series, Fallout series, Dishonored, and the famous classic Doom game. Although games like Elder Scroll and Fallout contain lots of bugs, still, player praise this dev for the amazing games they’ve made. But still, I’m waiting patiently for Fallout Online.

5. From Software

From Software

We all probably recognize this developer from their amazing Dark Souls game. A game that gets the title as the hardest game ever. There’s a reason why Dark Souls series are the hardest games because with such little to no tutorial at all. This developer sets the new bar for the gaming experience.

6. Rockstar North

Rockstar North

Rockstar North Limited is a British game company founded by David Jones. This dev responsible for awesome games like GTA, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne, and many other famous games. The creation of GTA series is what makes this developer famous. But their fame is nothing without any obstacles. Everytime GTA game is released, it has lots of controversies. Despite their controversies, GTA V is still holding the world record for the highest revenue generated within 24 hours. Within three days of its release, GTA V made about 1 billion dollars.

7. Valve


When Talking about Valve corporation, the name Gabe Newell is a must-know person. He is the person responsible for creating this amazing game developer. Valve has released one of the breathtaking games ever made like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. Gabe is a former employee of Microsoft, but then he left it and start his own company with the vision to make gaming experience much better.


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