5 Things that Can be Reused for Other Purposes

things that can be reused

Every people must have some things that they do not use anymore in their house. Usually, those kinds of stuff will be thrown away into the dump because they already have the new one to replace the old stuff. But actually, we can use the things that we do not use again for other purposes. And below here, we have some of the examples of the things that can be reused. So, let us check out the information!


use the toothbrush for hard to clean things

Mostly, people will throw this thing away after they have used it for around three months. As we know that we have to change our toothbrush with the new one after that period of time. But, do not rush to throw it away as we can reuse it as a cleaning tool to clean electronics, motorcycle wheels, or the other things which are hard to clean by using a regular brush. Even, we can use it to color our hair.

Clothes or Towel

Old clothes or towel can be used again as a rag or mat for our bathroom. It does not matter how is the condition of the clothes or towel. Although it is a little bit ripped or have a hole, we can still use them to clean things such as the furniture, electronics, and etc if we want to use it as a rag. Or we can place it in front of the bathroom door to be used as a mat to dry our feet.

Glass Bottles or Jars

If we have unused glass bottles or jars in our house, we can use it again as well for a more useful thing. An old glass bottle can be used as a plant’s pot or as a container for the stationaries or bath stuff such as toothbrush and toothpaste. But, we need to cut the top of the bottle first before we can reuse it. And for the glass jar, it is similar to the bottle actually. But, we can also use it as a container for snacks or herbs as long as we still have the lid.

Boots and Plastic Bottles

old boots become a nice pot

Both of these things are very useful actually so we do not need to throw it away. For you who love to farming in the garden, we can use them as a pot for the plants. We can use the boots to plant some beautiful flowers so it can decorate our garden so it looks more beautiful. Then, the plastic bottles can be reused to plant some vegetables or fruits so we do not need to buy it from the store. And if you want to know more about what a plastic bottle can be, just find out the information here!

Car Tire

a swing made of used car tire

When people change their car tire with the new one, they must throw it away or leave it at the place where they change the tire. Whereas, we can still use it to become an entertaining thing like a swing made of a used car tire. If you have a spacious garden with a medium-size tree, we can hang it there by using a thick rope or something which is strong enough to hold us.


So, if we have something that we do not want to use anymore because it is no longer can be used, just use your imagination and make something from that thing which can be useful for other purposes. It would be better if we can create something new from our old stuff rather than spending lots of money to buy something.


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