5 Things About Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain That Is Unique From The Previous Games

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

It’s been two years since the Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain released. The game received great praise from its hardcore fans. Steam set it 9/10, that means this game is really an amazing game especially in the Metal Gear franchises. We all know that each series of MGS is great, but what make this one so special and what can you do inside the game? That’s what we will talk about. I want to show you what makes The Phantom Pain is the best game in the series.

Well, before we push on, I may not a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid but I played the third series, Snake Eater and the fifth series. There are some significant changes whether the graphics or the gameplay throughout the series’ evolution. And like I said, the biggest changes and differences happen in the Phantom Pain series. Let’s see what are those changes below.

What Make Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Game Is The Best In The Series

1. The Graphics

The Graphic

Well, of course, every game that has series must be evolved in the term of graphics. The developer can’t just make another game with the same graphical engine as the last one, it will make the gamers disappointed. They want their game to look sharper and more realistic. Using the latest technology of FOX Engine, exclusively made for MGS titles, Metal Gear Solid V has the best photorealistic graphics of all.

2. It’s Open World

Open World Game

The usual game of Metal Gear is a story-driven gameplay. But now in this new title, it all change dramatically. Now, it’s an open-world game, that means you can take Big Boss anywhere you like and do anything you pleased. You can choose the missions with the order you prefer as long if it’s available in your iDroid. There are lots of places you can discover in the map. And now, you will do your mission in Africa and Afghanistan. You will have to fight your way to make your revenge to the enemies that have destroyed Mother Base in the Ground Zero title.

3. The Mother Base

The Mother Base

This is the key features of MGSV. The Mother Base is your primary base to do all the things for your game progression. Things may look so confusing in this series. You need to develop your MB by expanding the platform so you can build your private military contractor called Diamond Dogs. Recruit units from the battlefield by extracting them to MB. You need to expand the base and send your troops to some missions to earn GMP, the currency used in the game to develop a weapon and expanding the base to become larger.

4. The Fulton Recovery System

Fulton Recovery System

This is the tools you need to extract anything from the battlefield besides using a helicopter. You can extract almost anything as long as it is valuable for the development of your Mother Base and the Diamond Dogs. The Fulton Recovery System is a balloon that you tied to something or someone and it will be flying away heading straight to your base. This is the type of tool that never before exists in the previous Metal Gear Solid game. Only in the fifth series, you are introduced to this Fulton thing.

5. Buddy Companion

Buddy Companion

If in the previous games you are working solo, now you can have a companion to aid you in your mission on the battlefield. There will be 4 buddies available but only one you can choose to be deployed with you. First, there’s D-horse that you can ride on to every place you wished for on the map. Second, there’s D-dog, a dog that can help you track down enemies, valuable things, and pretty much more. Then, there’s D-walker, a bipedal robot armed with dual tranquilizer weapons. And the last option is Quite, a great female sniper with the ability to shoot your target from far away accurately. You cam give specific orders to your buddy if you need their help.


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