4 Great Movies With a Simple Story That You Should Watch


When going to a cinema, we expect to watch some memorable movie. But sometimes, the expectations and reality are so different. With so many movies have been made through out the decades, there are only a few great movies with a simple story. If you are tired of movies with a complicated plot, here I will show you some recommendations for awesome movies with a very simple plot. Check out them all below.

5 Great Movies With a Simple Story

1. Buried


It’s Saturday night, you go to a cinema with your best buddies watching Buried and what you get is a movie about a man in a box. At first, maybe you want to have a refund of your ticket, but as you keep watching, this movie turns out to be awesomely great. The story of this movie is quite simple, it’s about Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), who works as a truck driver in Iraq and get kidnapped by terrorists. He is buried alive in a coffin with only a phone and a zippo as his source of light. The main story is only about how Paul must survive being buried alive by calling for help with his phone.

2. Gravity


This is the movie that makes children afraid to be an astronaut. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are drifting around the crashed space station with zero gravity condition. The story is about astronauts who work in a space station but when a meteor shower hit the station, everything turns to hell. Sandra and Clooney have to fight for their life while drifting around the space and the ending of this movie is what make you shock. A great movie with a simple plot is what this movie is.

3. The Rover

The Rover

Set in the near future of Australia, the society has been collapsed because of the global monetary crisis. Eric, a man who has lost everything just want to stay survive, but when a group of thieves stole his car, he turned into a beast of a man. Eric pursues the thieves and kills some people along the way. In the end, Eric just wants his car back and never has the intention to kill other people. This movie achieves some awards in best sound and best-supporting actress. See how simple the story of this movie? Even though it is simple, but it’s an amazing movie.

4. 127 Hours

127 Hours

This movie is based on a true story of Aron Ralston. It’s about his life story when he is stuck in a life and death situation for 127 hours. He had an accident when a boulder hit him and have him pinned between two huge rocks. The movie is showing how he manages to survive after a couple of days amputating his own arm to get him out of the rocks. For 90 minutes of runtime, you are showing the thrill of how Aron survive this horrifying event. A true masterpiece for a simple movie.

So, those are all the four great movies with a simple story. Never judge a movie by its visual effects. A simple movie could also entertain you with its fascinating story.


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