3DS VS PS Vita || Which One is the Winner? See the Result Right Here!

3ds vs ps vita

The era of 3DS and PS Vita almost over. For that reason, we want to share you something amazing. 3DS VS PS Vita, which one do you think will become the winner? From the sales rate, without a doubt, 3DS is the winner. Of course, we cannot value a console game only for that, there are many aspects which affects the console great or not.

Games Collection

3ds vs ps vita game collection

This is the most important one. The reason why you buy a game console because of the games selection. In this case, 3DS is the winner. You can find many great games collection from this console such as Mario, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Zelda. Of course, we do not need to tell you how great that game is. As for the PS Vita, you can find many RPG games. But only a few of them which have a great gameplay. The notable game from Vita is Persona 4 Golden and Soul Sacrifice.

Graphics Quality

3ds vs ps vita comparison graphics

If we compared the graphics aspects, it is clearly as sky PS Vita is the winner. You can say Vita is use half of PS 3 graphics engine. The visual effect and the details really great. Before Nintendo Switch released, PS Vita is the beautiful handheld machine which can produce HD graphics. As for the 3DS, you can say the graphics are similar to PS 2.

The Features

First, we will talk about the features of PS Vita. The notable one without a doubt is the addition of the Touch Screen and touchpad. Some game requires the use of touchpad on the back of your PS Vita. Of course, this is really entertaining. And the last feature is the dual camera. As for 3DS, you can find 3D feature which changes your game graphics into 3D. You do not need any special tool, just slide the button on the right side of your 3DS. This console also has 3 cameras, two on the outside and one on the inside. There is also a circle pad which functions like an analog same the console game. Last but not least, you can find C stick and ZR and ZL, this is only for New Nintendo 3DS. Now, you already know which one is the winner.


Actually, this is quite hard. For this section, it is back to the person. What kind of game do you want to play? If you love more mature game PS Vita is the best selection, if you want to play all age game, 3DS is the best choice. If you ask us, we enjoy 3DS more than PS Vita.


3DS VS PS Vita, the winner goes to 3DS. If you agree with us, do not forget to give comments. This is based on our opinion, it is up to you want to agree with us or not. You can also use this as a guide to help you buy it. If you want more article about the game, we have the best game developer ever made. See the amazingness right away.


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