3 Things Could Happen If The Internet Is Shut Down, The Paranoia of Internet Surfers

Things Could Happen If The Internet Is Shut Down

Every day we upload our photos to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. We also share our thoughts of the day in our daily blogs like what I always used to here. We all can do such those things thanks to the benefits of the internet. But, do we all sometimes think that what happen if the internet is shut down? If such things become reality, what would you think to happen in this era of globalization? I would think that the world will plunge into chaos.

How can the plunge into anarchy just because the internet is dead? Well, if you haven’t noticed, all the life features that we enjoyed today is connected to the internet. From financial, to transportation, everything is online. Just like a house of cards, remove one, and you can see the rest will fall apart. Let’s analyze what will happen if someday somehow the internet is no longer active.

Things Could Happen If The Internet Is Shut Down

1. Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis

We live in a world where everything is interconnected to each other. Especially our financial system. Everything is online now and that also means your money. You keep your money in a bank, and that bank will store all the financial data of yours online. If something bad happened to the internet, all of your money could vanish just like that! Not just your money, but also everyone’s. If that happens, the real financial crisis is stroking.

2. Transportation Catastrophic

Transportation Catastrophic

Cars alone may not be affected if the internet is dead, but think about the airlines. They are the transportation which needs an internet connection to operate every single time. Without online connection, all the system will go haywire. The pilots won’t be able to communicate with the ATC, and in the ticketing agent, all their data will go and there will be a panic among the passengers. The worst case of this would be a mid-air collision among the airplanes.

3. Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

‘One person is smart, many people are stupid, dumb, and panicky’ that is the quote I got from the movie Men In Black. The quote got the point. When the internet is inactive, people will start asking questions to others, and some other people will start to go panic and begin to rush towards the supermarket and grab every supply they can get. They fear the worst case scenario as the next world war 3 or nuclear war. And when everyone is panicking, a conflict will rise among each other. Killing each other over food would seem to be normal in such desperate times.

So, those are some of the worst things that could have to happen if the internet is shut down in a sudden time. Believe it or not, those scenarios maybe will happen sooner or later whether it is happening because of world war or Cyber attack. Well, It will happen probably with the tension of the incoming world war 3. All we can do as ordinary people is to keep our heads down and pray to God.


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