3 Best Aquascaping Styles For Your Aquarium

Best Aquascaping Styles

If you think that aquarium is just a tank to fill in with water and fish, you’re totally wrong my friend. The aquarium is more than just a media to have fish living in it. Some people can get very creative with the aquarium. They are decorating it with beautiful things that can make a tank looks like the natural habitat of fish. The activity that decorating an aquarium is called aqua scaping. It’s something very beautiful if done right. Aquascaping itself has been growing ever since its first founded. Today, this activity has grown more and produced lots of styles.

Today, I want to share with you some of the best aquascaping styles for your aquarium tank. Although there is lots style in the aquascaping hobby, there are 3 styles that gain popularity among the hobbyist. So, to see all of them, see from the list below.

3 Best Aquascaping Styles For Aquarium

1. Natural Style

Natural Style

Some aquarium hobbyist tries very hard to decorate their tank to look very similar to the natural habitat of the fishes. The people who want to decorate this way, they use the natural style. The natural style in aquascape is looked as just its sounded. All the things are very natural. Decorated with driftwood, fertilize soils, and a couple of underwater plants. The use of fertilizing soil is to grow all the plants inside the tank. Once they are grown, it can give the natural looks. The addition of driftwood is to make your tank like in every natural river.

2. Dutch Style

Dutch Style

As it’s named, this style comes from the Netherlands in the 1930s. The Dutch style emphasizes more to the dense of plants inside the tank. The plants used for this style is so diverse and colorful. This style doesn’t need much driftwood for the decorations. One thing that needs to know is that when you have so many plants inside your tank, your equipment and maintenance are the things that you must not forget about.

3. Iwagumi Style

Iwagumi Style

Now, this is my preferred style in shaping my aquarium. Iwagumi style came from Japan from a man named, Takashi Amano, the father of aqua scaping hobby. Iwagumi, or can also be called as “rock formations” is the style that emphasizes the use of rocks. I prefer this style of the other because I love using rocks and the simplicity looks for the result. There are plenty kinds of rocks you can use like river rock, lava rock, dragon rock, and much more. In my opinion, the dragon rock is the best choice for Iwagumi style because the rock is beautifully and naturally carved with holes on it.

Iwagumi style can be more beautiful if you add some driftwood and place them perfectly. For guidance how to strategically place your rocks, you need to know something about the Gold Ratio. It’s the rule to correctly place rocks in Iwagumi. But, there are no rules in aqua-scaping, you can decorate as you pleased.

So, those are the 3 best aquascaping styles for your aquarium. You can try to implement them in your fish tank if you are interested in aquascape hobby. Try them and enjoy the beautiful view.


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